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If you have pests in your home, apartment, or business, you’re not alone! Ever since people started living in houses, critters have been trying to get in. When you need fast, effective, and professional results, call Pest Control St Catharines for all your residential, commercial, and multi-dwelling pest control services.

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    Pest Control St Catharines has an experienced crew that has been providing professional pest control in Fort Erie, pest control in Niagara Falls, and throughout the whole Niagara Peninsula for over a decade. We’ve worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, like Truly Nolen pest control, Alpine pest control, and other major service providers. Now we’re pleased to offer a truly local, independently owned and operated pest control service that is ready to respond to your needs right now. Contact us to learn more about putting the hometown advantage to work for you on your Niagara pest control needs in St. Catharines and beyond.

    Your First Choice for Wildlife Removal in St. Catharines: Rodents and How to Deal with Them

    Rodents are warm-blooded mammals that are found all over the world. Mice and rats are the rodents most likely to be a problem for your household. Their oversized front teeth make them constant chewers, which means they are able to cause significant damage to your home and property.

    Rodents are incredibly adaptable and resilient. They can fit through the tiniest cracks and gaps and can be extremely difficult to exterminate. A rodent infestation can not only cause damage to property and agriculture, it can also carry disease.

    We offer results-based pest control in Fort Erie, all the way to Grimsby. We serve the entire Niagara Peninsula. Contact us to develop a custom solution that will not only deal with current infestations, but also prevent future rodent and pest problems. Call us today!

    St Catharines Wildlife Control: Keep Birds and Other Wildlife Outside Where They Belong

    The Niagara Peninsula has some beautiful and unique wildlife, including many kinds of birds. These can make for great observation, but when they get inside, it can mean disruption, mess, and damage to your property. Birds can get in through open doors and windows, as well as down your chimney. And once a bird gets into your home, there’s no way to predict how it will react or how it will attempt to get out.

    Give us a call for all your wildlife removal needs in St. Catharines – including birds! We know how to handle them without causing injury, and we have the equipment to make sure they’re removed quickly and without any further damage to your property.

    Pest Problem

    Pest Control and Wildlife Removal in St. Catharines: Busting Common Myths

    Because household pests are such a common problem, it seems everyone and their uncle has a home remedy for dealing with them. Some of these solutions may help, others are a waste of time, and still others might make your problem worse. Bugs, rodents, and other unwelcome critters can spread disease, and they can also cause expensive damage to your home and property. Read below for some of the most common assumptions and rumours about pest control. If you’ve been trying some of these and not winning your fight against infestation, give us a call! We’d love to provide a solution for your unique problem with guaranteed results.

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    Pest Control Niagara: A Pest Problem Doesn’t Necessarily Mean your Home is Dirty

    “If only I had cleaned more!” One of the most common assumptions when you discover a pest problem is that you must have left something undone. And while it’s true that there are preventative steps you can take to reduce your risk of pests, even the tidiest homes can be susceptible to mice and insect invasions. A bit later on we’ll talk about some of the things you can do to guard against unwelcome intrusions. For now, don’t let pests get you down. Call us for pest control in St. Catharines and receive a comprehensive pest control treatment that you’re sure to be satisfied with.

    Bedbugs Bite in the Dark and the Light

    Bedbugs are a byword amongst anyone with a bed. These little bloodsucking creatures are difficult to get rid of and can cause irritation and infection in humans and animals alike. Some have claimed that bedbugs only emerge in the dark, and that you can avoid being bitten by keeping the lights on. Aside from this being an impossible solution – who keeps the lights on all night? – it’s also, unfortunately, not true.

    While it’s true that bedbugs prefer the dark, the light won’t keep you from getting bitten by them. Call us when you need an effective, guaranteed bed bug exterminator in St. Catharines.

    Mice Don’t Really Like Cheese

    Contrary to everything your childhood cartoons may have taught you, cheese doesn’t have a lot of attraction for mice. Many homeowners have kept this assumption going, using cheese in mouse traps in an attempt to entice them. Often, the result is that rather than getting rid of mice, the cheese sits for days and draws flies and other pests.

    The truth is, mice actually prefer foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates, like peanut butter. Don’t delay when you see signs of a mouse problem. If you wait too long before trying to deal with them, a few mice can quickly turn into a large infestation.

     If you’ve tried everything in your traps and are still having problems with mice, call the professional pest control in Niagara Falls and the whole Niagara region.

    Safe Animal Removal: Rat Poison Isn’t Always Better Than a Trap

    Some people have tried to work around the question of mouse or rat traps by using rodent poison. At first glance this seems like a simple solution; many of these chemical manufacturers advertise their products as a one-step fix for your problem, that it will not only eliminate the offending rodents, but will also dry them out.

    The trouble is that these claims are often exaggerated, or they lead you to believe they act immediately. In reality, after a rodent has ingested the poison, it can still take several days to take effect, and the desiccating effect is not as complete as advertised. This means that rats and mice are more likely to die inside the wall in your home. This usually leads to bad odours and can even attract other pests who are attracted to the carcass.

    For safe and effective wildlife removal in St. Catharines, give us a call! We’ll clear your home of rodents, insects, and other unwanted pests.

    Your Family Pet Probably Isn’t a Great Hunter

    This is another thing that a lot of people believe because of cartoons: that dogs, and especially cats, are an in-house pest control service. The truth is that unless you’re on a farm with an army of outdoor cats, family pets are generally unmotivated to hunt, because they are already getting fed.

    As a matter of fact, pets come with their own pest control complications. Fleas and other bugs can get tracked into the house on their fur, and any leftover food in their bowls can also attract rodents and insects.

    Bee Removal Solutions in St Catharines: Most Household Items Are Bupkis

    We’ve seen all kinds of home remedies for bee, ant, and insect problems: vinegar, essential oils, club soda, plaster of Paris, ground pepper, the list is endless! We’ve even tried some of these recommendations.

    After decades of experience, however, we’ve identified which pantry treatments are effective and which are a waste of time and effort.

    Check out our page of DIY tips and advice for some of the home solutions that we’ve tried and proven. The unfortunate truth is that most of them are a bust. The most effective solution is a proper insecticide, properly applied by a pest control professional.

    If you’re having insect problems, give us a call. We are your one-stop solution for pest control in St. Catharines with guaranteed satisfaction.

    Professional Pest Control Fort Erie: They NEVER Go Away on their Own

    It would be nice to think that an insect problem is just seasonal, or that the mice will leave on their own. In most cases, however, by the time you find evidence of pests in your home, they’ve already been there for awhile and have made themselves comfortable.

    Taking immediate action is the best way to make sure a pest problem doesn’t get worse.

    If you have evidence of pests, call the professionals at Niagara Pest Control. St. Catharines and area local pest control services are your best solution.

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