Pest Control Niagara: Steps you can Take to Protect your Home

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    Earlier we said that most homemade solutions we've discovered for pest control in Fort Erie are only minimally effective, if at all. That being said, there are some things that you can do with household items to make pests feel unwelcome. The key is to be specific in your approach; don’t just try to keep out generic “pests.” Learn as much as you can about the specific type of infestation you are trying to guard against, down to the type or species. This knowledge will equip you to approach your Fort Erie and St. Catharines pest and wildlife control problem in a targeted way. Below are some of the techniques we have seen used successfully.

    As always, if you’ve already got a pest problem in Fort Erie and surrounding areas, your best choice is a professional pest control service provider. Give us a call, we’d love to help!

    Safe Animal Removal: Your Best Offense is a Good Defense, and Pest Control St Catharines can Help!

    Take steps to prevent infestations before they start. This begins outside, with making sure your yard and the area surrounding your home is inhospitable to rodents, insects and other wildlife. Make sure all your garbage is sealed in closed trash cans. If there are any cracks or holes in your trash bins, replace them. Remove anything in your yard that provides a welcome environment for rodents.

    This extends to semi-outdoor areas like sheds and garages. A buildup of clutter in these spaces can be a real attraction to rodents, which will almost certainly result in not only a mess, but damage to the stuff you’re storing there.

    Mind the Gap: Seal Cracks and Holes to Keep Your Pest Control Niagara Cares Low

    The size of gap a rodent can fit through is only limited by the size of their skull, which can be the size of a dime or even smaller. Be sure to seal and cover any holes or cracks in your home, no matter how small. Be sure to pay attention to gaps and holes around pipes, such as those found at a central air conditioner, heater, or dryer vent, and especially water pipes. Leaks can create new entry points by widening and softening any existing gaps.

    Home renovation professionals recommend filling holes with copper wool. Rodents can easily chew through foam and caulk, and steel wool is prone to rust. For bigger openings like vents, door sweeps and chimneys, cover them with aluminum window screen.

    Natural Remedies: Which ones work?

    Pantry pest control treatments are not adequate to deal with serious infestations. If you are experiencing a real pest problem, call a professional. You’ll rest easy at night knowing that your pest control cares in Niagara are being handled by our licensed and insured experts.

    For smaller problems, there are a few treatments we’ve seen that have been used successfully. Read on to learn about them.

    Cockroaches: Borax

    Mix equal parts borax and sugar and place them in small containers or plastic container lids. Leave these anywhere you’ve seen cockroaches emerging, usually around baseboards or windows. They will be attracted to the sugar, and the borax will dehydrate and poison them. Because they are insects, they will simply dry up and not leave an undesirable mess.

    Wasps: A Fake Wasp Nest

    Don’t despair if you’re worried about a wasp or bee removal in St Catharines! Build or purchase a fake wasp nest to discourage other wasps from building in the area. Wasps are territorial and will not build a nest within 20 yards of another one.

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