Got Questions For Pest Control St Catharines? We've got the answers!

Over the years we’ve provided the best professional pest control in St Catharines, Fort Erie and  surrounding areas has to offer,  for all kinds of applications. Chances are we’ve come across a situation that’s similar to yours. Read on below for some of the most frequently asked questions on the subject.

How Long Does Pest Control Service Take to Apply?

This will depend on two factors. First and most importantly, what kind of pest are you dealing with? Second is the size and complexity of the building being treated. It might take 30 minutes, or it might be 8 hours or more. Whatever your needs, we guarantee that you’ll receive a pest control solution that’s designed just for your specific application. You’ll get everything you need and nothing you don’t.

You did my Pest Control Treatment and I’m seeing MORE pests! What’s going on?

It is normal to see an increase in pest activity after a treatment. This is because as the treatment takes effect, pests are flushed from their hiding places in search of new food and shelter. Increased visibility of pests means that they are finding fewer places to hide.

Because our Niagara pest control solutions are designed to disrupt their normal breeding and feeding habits, they get flushed out in the open. They will not last long after they have been treated with pesticides, and should be gone within a week or two. If they persist past two weeks following a treatment, call us!

How Long Does it Take for Pest Control to Work?

In most cases, you will notice a significant reduction in pest activity within a day or two. Just like the application time can vary, the exact timeframe for effectiveness will depend on the pest we’re dealing with, the extent of the infestation, and the specific pesticides that were chosen for your application. For professional pest control from Fort Erie to St. Catharines, we offer the best professional pest control Fort Erie, St Catharines and the Niagara region has experienced!

Is Pest Control Safe for Kids and Pets?

The whole reason we got into the pest control business in Fort Erie, St Catharines and Niagara region is to make a living making our customers safe and happy. We are federally licensed technicians who have had to pass rigorous training on industry safety regulations and guidelines. We use products that are suitable for health-sensitive and high-traffic areas, such as schools and hospitals. If you have any questions about your children or pets, give us a call! We’ll consider your unique situation and make sure that any pest control solution takes the health of you and your family into consideration.

Should I Leave During a Pest Control Treatment?

Not always, but we will advise you based on your situation. Make things comfortable and limit any surprises by informing us of any part of your property that requires special care. This would include obvious things like people’s allergies and sensitivities, but also things like pets, fishponds, or even organic gardens. We’ll make sure you experience pest control in Niagara as positive and unintrusive as possible!

How Long After Pest Control should I Wait to Clean?

In most cases you should let the pesticides do their work for 3-5 days after the initial treatment. After this the invaders have been treated and the first part of the process is done. If part of your treatment included leaving bait around your home, you can usually just clean around the bait traps.

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