How to Treat a House for Fleas in the Winter

Winter is a demanding time of year not just for pest control technicians in Niagara, Ontario but FLEAS! Fleas have to adapt to the changing climate and the reduced food supply available, and changes in animal behavior, affecting their ability to reproduce.

They tend to be more challenging to see with the naked eye during this time, but it's important not to let your guard down. The presence of a few fleas in the house can turn into an infestation.

When the temperature drops, fleas can enter an idle state called diapause. This is similar to hibernation, except that they are less vulnerable to harsh environmental conditions or insecticides during this time. They will remain this way until they are fully warmed again.

To keep the winter from being more profitable for these parasites, you need to take the proper steps.

First of all, you must rid your house of fleas and their eggs. You can do this by vacuuming and using an insecticide. Make sure to get deep into carpets, rugs, and furniture and give special attention to areas where your animals sleep and rest.

Afterward, seal off any possible entry points for the intruder to come back in. Make sure windows and doors cannot be opened from the outside, and consider using screens when you are letting your animal out for some fresh air.

The best thing to do is start out with suitable materials, so you don't have to use harsh chemicals later on, or worse, put your pet's life in danger by using products not meant for them. 

Stats on Fleas

Pest-Control Niagara Ontario-How-to-Treat-a-House-for-Fleas-in-the-Winter-a-flea-1
  • A flea lives about a year, and the life cycle from egg to larva to pupa takes 3 days. The adult can live for 3 months without feeding.
  • An average female can lay 400-500 eggs in her lifetime.
  • Within 24 hours, an egg can become a larva and start to feed on adult flea feces (which is why they feed on blood).
  • Fleas prefer temperatures between 70 and 90 degrees F with humidity at 60%. They will stay dormant if temps drop below 30 degrees F or rise above 100 degrees F.

Ways To Treat The House For Fleas


Preventive treatment can be done as early as September, but try not to start right before winter, as the pesticide won't last as long due to the harsher weather conditions. The ideal time is October or November - once this window closes, it will be difficult to treat your house for fleas until the following spring.

You want to start with a higher concentration of pesticide than what you'll need for complete coverage, and the ideal solution is to opt for ready-to-use products that anyone can safely handle. 

An aerosol sprayer is recommended because it will allow you to get into hard-to-reach areas such as cracks and crevices.


If you have an infestation, treatment will be more difficult. Ready-to-use products are still recommended, but it's best to use them in conjunction with a fogger for the most significant impact on the population. To get rid of eggs that may already be present in your home, seek out professional help.

What to Look for:

Because they are tiny, if you start looking for them early enough, you can prevent a full-blown infestation by using the right products at the right time. You should be looking for “flea dirt”, very dark in color, and you can see it in little piles. 

If you see this fecal matter, that's where the larvae are. That would be an infestation if you see them moving around and jumping on your cat or dog.


  • Some people use a combination of pesticides to treat their house for fleas, but this can worsen your infestation if you don't know what you're doing.
  • The amount of pesticide added to the home has to be proportional to the size of your house and yard. If it's not enough, it won't kill as many fleas as it should - too much, and pets, people, or wildlife may die.
  • Use streamers, not chemicals, to kill the fleas inside your carpets. They are easier and faster than using powders or sprays for this purpose.
  • Get rid of clutter like extra furniture and boxes that make it challenging to see critical areas where fleas hide.
  • During the winter, don't use foggers as a preventive measure since they only work on contact, and the cold will prevent them from working.
  • If you need to hire a pest control technician for this job, make sure you research ahead of time. Some exterminators will use pesticides that are not safe for your pets or children. The best thing to do is call around to different pest control companies in your area.

Is it better to hire the services of a professional?

What if you don't want to get your hands dirty? What if you'd rather hire a professional for getting rid of fleas in the house? Unfortunately, this isn't always such a great idea. Some exterminators will use pesticides that are not safe for your pets or children, and it's best to call around before deciding on one.

Need help with getting rid of fleas this winter? Contact a pest control company in your area now!

  • Some companies are willing to come out ASAP. Others are booked entirely through the winter.
  • Get quotes from at least 3.
  • Ask them if their chemicals are safe for your pets and kids or if there's an alternative available that is safer.
  • Find out how often they come back to reapply the pesticides after you initially treat fleas.
  • Finally, ask about protective gear (masks, gloves) and make sure they use it.
  • If you want to be extra cautious, take your pets outside or leave the house while they treat. You shouldn't have to worry about them getting sick from the chemicals if they're used properly.

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